The Process

Our Clients Trust

Hard work and industry knowledge create dividends on our clients end.  Our process from Discovery to Review is thorough, and heavily scrutinized.  The question of “Why?” is simple – because it’s worked, and continues to do so.  Our continued effort to trust this process, adjust when necessary, and apply continually changing market data and initiatives allows Simard & Associates to be the best in the financial industry.


We strive to find out what’s most important to you, not just the hard facts. We spend a considerable amount of time getting to know what is important to our clients at the core.


Taking the information from discovery, we work with our team of experts to review and create your personalized strategy


Working alongside your existing team of professionals including your accountant and lawyer, we will present our ideas along with well thought out alternatives. It is our goal to always provide the best strategy for your individual needs, and we will not stop until we have created the best possible plan for you. 


At this stage, we have conferred with all parties needed, and we are confident that the strategy we are implementing is the RIGHT strategy for you and your situation.


Through ongoing regular reviews, we will revisit your goals and update your strategy as needed to ensure we stay on track.