Kathy Simard,


A certified financial planner with over 30 years experience in the financial services industry, Kathy focuses on a select clientele to provide preferred service, creating comprehensive strategies to enhance her clients’ financial success.


Kathy’s life journey has been about balancing her career with the needs of a family and is now a working grandmother of three young grandchildren. She completely understands the juggling act that so many women and families are dealing with today. Kathy has a keen interest in healthy living – physically, emotionally and financially.



What people are saying about Kathy...

“Kathy is honest, knowledgeable and understanding of our personal financial needs. She displays excitement, commitment and passion about her work.”


“You listen to what is being said, verbalize what you have heard to alleviate misunderstandings, offer a choice of plans that lead to our goals and keep in touch. We are comfortable with you and the service you offer and can call on you at any time.”




Suite 200, 140 Ouellette Place, Windsor, ON N8X 1L9




p. (519) 967-1180


f. (519) 967-1234

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What people are saying about Kathy...
What people are saying about Kathy...